Important informations

14th Congress of the World Federation

of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology

Monday 16 – Thursday 19 October 2017 Budapest, Hungary

Poster information

During the event we are going to use digital poster solution for the sake of being an innovative and progressive conference. The posters will be presented on portrait / upright oriented 55″ (140 cm) full HD LED touchscreens located in our our e-Poster section.

It doesn’t mean any special preparation task from your side, just send us the image file in pdf format.

This is a short guide how to create a digital poster in PowerPoint for instance:

Please set the proper aspect ratio and size of your poster:  Design -> Slide size -> Page Setup

Please choose these options: Slide Size for: “Widescreen”  and set the Orientation: to “Portrait”

* Please design your poster consisting of one slide for the content of your poster and another slide for keywords and short description. This text will help the viewers to find easier your digital poster among the others.

* For better readability please use the built in fonts, its size should be at least 24 points.
* Please always use rather bigger pictures, spreadsheets or charts if possible.
* Saving poster in PDF format
* File -> Save as -> PDF
* File name must consist the name of the presenter.
* Sending your poster
* Please send your final PDF to the e-mail address
* Obviously you can use other (eg.: Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel) softwares to make your poster. The only expectation is that the final poster’s format has to be PDF file.

In any question please feel to contact us by sending your mail to

Electronic Poster Submission Deadline: extended to 20th September 2017