Important informations

14th Congress of the World Federation

of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology

Monday 16 – Thursday 19 October 2017 Budapest, Hungary


President of the congress:
Dr. Istvan Szikora

Vice president of the congress:
Dr. Zsolt Kulcsar

International Organizing Committee:

Dr. Laszlo Solymosi
Dr. Gyula Gal
Dr. Tibor Becske
Dr. Lautauro Badilla
Dr. Wickly Lee
Dr. Miklos Marosfoi

WFITN Advisory Board:

Special experts:

Dr. Sirintara Pongpech
Dr. Insup Choi

Past Congress Presidents:

Dr. Pedro Lylyk
Dr. Luis Lemme Phlagos
Dr. Winston Chong

Local Organizing Committee:

Dr. Zsolt Berentei
Dr. Istvan Gubucz
Dr. Sandor Nardai
Dr. Peter Barsi
Dr. Pal Barzo
Dr. Viktor Berczi
Dr. Daniel Bereczki

Congress Secretariat:

For technical and general issues please contact:

Weco Travel Ltd. (WecoCongress)
Address: 1366 Budapest, PO Box 28, Hungary

Phone: +361 2667032, Fax: +361 2667033

Congress home page: